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Forbidden - Non nude content. Each photo/video must be full or partly nude.

Forbidden - Videos that are less than 5 minutes long.

Forbidden - Photo image uploads that have less than 10 photos in the photos gallery.

Forbidden - Content with really poor quality (out of focus, pixelated, bad scans, etc). Quality matters here!

Forbidden - Copyrighted content; content that is NOT YOURS or you don't have an express permission from the copyright owner(s).

Forbidden - Cartoons, wallpapers, clip art, your house or car alone.

Forbidden - Content with web site addresses on them.

Forbidden - Content with contact information (email/phone numbers/etc).

Forbidden - Content that contain faeces, stained undies, blood, pissing.

Forbidden - "Non-consensual" content including but not limited to: sleeping, drunk, passed out, voyeur, hidden camera.

Forbidden - Digitally modified files, like your face on someone else's body.

Forbidden - Absolutely no animals on the photos/videos!

Forbidden - Content with excessive use of digital effects!NO SICK STUFF!

Sin4.com has the final word on what will be approved. If we find a photo/video not suitable for the site, we'll reject it.

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Transgender videos and photos to the "Shemale" section

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